Numfem Therm – 2022.05.18

FIXED : Impossible Trial activation due to virtual environnement detection error

FIXED : Analysis elevation sometimes was wrong

FIXED : Many small “under the hood” fixes

NEW : New dimension type “Extended” to perform enhanced calculations (Ueq, Uf, …)

NEW : Nested details families are included in analysis (with adhoc material detection … see upcoming video on our youtube chanel)

Numfem Therm – 2022.03.09

FIXED : Family parameters import in settings

ENHANCED : Revit materials manager

ENHANCED : Revit drafting view analysis

ENHANCED : Overall robustness in callout geometrical analysis

NEW : Drafting view creation from a callout

Numfem Therm – 2021.11.30

FIXED : exception at startup under rare circumstances

FIXED : Revit material manager issues

Numfem Therm – 2021.11.27

FIXED : exception when selecting certain callout to be analysed

Numfem Therm – 2021.11.23

ENHANCED : Revit materials manager (Thermal assets …)

FIXED : Analysis could fail on very large callout with very thin geometries

FIXED : License / Trial activation errors

FIXED : many under the hood fixes and improvements in addin & standalone & solvers

Numfem Therm – 2021.10.23

NEW : Revit simplified materials manager (quick access to materials thermal properties, assets, filled region types, …).

NEW : Revit Drafting views analysis.

NEW : Editable values in grids (material conductivities, space temperatures).

FIXED : Some Revit materials could not be recognized.

Numfem Therm – 2021.05.11

FIXED : Error during Therm startup (“Too many redirections …”).

FIXED : Error during Therm startup (“Licenses server connection error … “).

FIXED : Display of results in some cultures.

NEW : Revit 2022 version.

Numfem Therm – 2021.04.06

FIXED : Unstable behavior in Revit after plugin startup.

Numfem Therm – 2021.03.25

First public release.

FIXED Section callouts that where not axis aligned could lead to bad analysis.

FIXED : Better topographic elements handling.

FIXED : Several UI labels mismatch correction.

ENHANCED : Speed & accuracy improvements in the Revit analysis stage.

NEW : Multi-callouts analysis.

Numfem Therm – 2020.10.27

Early access release.


IFC import

Add another mean of importing data, besides Revit plugin