Numfem Therm

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Numfem Therm 2021.05.11

FIXED : Error during Therm startup (“Too many redirections …”).

FIXED : Error during Therm startup (“Licenses server connection error … “).

FIXED : Display of results in some cultures.

NEW : Revit 2022 version.

Numfem Therm 2021.04.06

FIXED : Unstable behavior in Revit after plugin startup.

Numfem Therm 2021.03.25

First public release.

FIXED Section callouts that where not axis aligned could lead to bad analysis.

FIXED : Better topographic elements handling.

FIXED : Several UI labels mismatch correction.

ENHANCED : Speed & accuracy improvements in the Revit analysis stage.

NEW : Multi-callouts analysis.

Numfem Therm 2020.10.27

Early access release.