What is Numfem Therm ?

Numfem Therm is a BIM thermal bridge analysis software in accordance with ISO 10211.

It is the first software that leverages native BIM datas to perform calculations, from localized thermal bridges to large building areas.


Fully connected with Autodesk® Revit® (2020+).

« One click » analysis, Sheets & Schedules reports, …

FEA Analysys

Powerfull finite element solver with the latest scientific improvements : adaptative mesh refinement, parallel computation, …


Full compliancy with international standards for thermal bridge simulation (10211, 10077-2, …)

Getting started

Numfem Therm is a very easy using software if you are already a Revit user !

Numfem Therm is fully connected to Autodesk Revit, that means that all analysis options are linkable to Revit parameters. This system leads to a powerfull & customizable workflow : no extra option file, everything is in Revit.

Moreover, options can be imported from a Revit template or project file (a sample template file is provided during installation, but it’s very easy to make one that best suits your specific needs).

To perform a full FEM analysis, all you need is to define a callout (plan, section, rectangular, polygonal, rotated, …) where you want the analysis to take place, nothing else !

Numfem Therm automatically uses all available informations from BIM datas : objects geometry & materials, spaces, prescribed room temperature, …

Optionally, you can define dimensions to allow Numfem Therm to automatically perform psi-values calculations.

Numfem Therm contains a « state of the art » finite element solver which allows to perform a thermal simulation / psi-values calculation within a couple of seconds, even on large models.

Generating reports & sheets into Revit is very easy thanks to data injection.

Numfem Therm can save its results inside Revit, by injecting images and values into defined parameters. You can then create sheets and link to these parameters to produce high quality reports.


Our pricing list

Coming soon in late 2020

From 2021-01-01, Students and Instructors will be allowed to ask for a free license.

Still deciding ?

Try our fully functional 30 days trial version for free and see what makes Numfem Therm
one of the best all-in-one Revit Addin!


What’s Numfem Therm ?

Numfem Therm is a thermal simulation software, that is directly synchronized with BIM data to simulate the thermal behavior, from a simple thermal bridge to a whole 2D view.

What Numfem Therm is not ?

Numfem Therm is not a 2D/3D drawing software, because it’s linked to Revit and uses its drawing capacities.

Who is the software for ?

For all people involved in building energy saving : architects, thermal engineers, constructors…

What makes Numfem Therm different from other thermal software on the market ?

Numfem Therm is the only and fully connected BIM software for thermal building simulation. It means that you don’t have to export, then re-sketch / heal / modify geometry, assign materials, temperatures … Numfem Therm does it all automatically ! It saves a lot of time, and even permit almost automatic iterative analysis.

Moreover Numfem Therm use a very fast and powerfull finite element solver based on the latest mathematical improvements such as high order finite element, adaptive mesh refinement, multithreaded linear solver…

How much time can i expect to save ?

If you are already BIM convinced, Numfem Therm is up to perform a psi value calcultion in few seconds compared to a « traditional » approach which takes several minutes : sketch+assignment+calculations !

What are the requirements ?

Numfem Therm works with Revit 2020 and 2021, under windows operating system with no minimal requirements others than Revit’s ones.

Is there a mac version ?

Numfem Therm only support native windows operating system (virtual machines may be supported, but haven’t been tested).

What will be the prices ?

Currently Numfem Therm is free to use until the 31th of December 2020.

Numfem Therm contains everything in one software, no additional module.

Prices will be released very soon.

What will be the licence types ?

Numfem Therm will be available as an annual subscription, with several types of licenses (standalone, cloud floating, educational, server …)

Do you provide trainings ?

At this moment we do not provide training, but we plan to do so in the future.

If you have specific needs in this domain, feel free to contact us.

Can i sell your software and/or provide trainings ?

Contact us through the contact form, we’re open to discussion.

What about standards compliance ?

We already support :

  • ISO EN 10211 for thermal bridges : psi value, as well as the exterior value for the PHPP and the interior psi value (for the RT ex/RT 2012/RE 2020 all the french thermal regulations.
  • ISO 10077-2 for thermal performance of windows : Uf and Psi edge value.
  • CEN 673 for glass in buiding : Ug value.

Do I have to use specific templates and families ?

No ! You’re free to work as you want. The connexion with Revit is mainly based on the definition of project/global/shared parameters. We provide a sample Revit template but you can automatically import the settings from one Revit project/template to an other Revit projet.

Does Numfem Therm work with others BIM softwares ?

Numfem Therm is currently compatible with Autodesk Revit, but we may investigate the connection with ArchiCAD in the near future.

What about Open BIM ?

Unfortunately, current real world IFC files do not contain enough information to perform an efficient/reliable thermal simulation.

That being said, we are doing a permanent technological survey, and we will study OpenBIM solutions as soon as they can provide us with the same level of correctness/accuracy/reliability than direct BIM analysis.

Can i modify thermal datas and geometries in Numfem Therm ?

Numfem Therm is based on a BIM paradigm, that means datas and geometries must be changes in the BIM project.

3D details are time consuming, is it possible to draw in 2D ?

Real 3D details are sometime very complex and time consuming, that’s why Numfem Therm is compatible with 2D drawing details in Revit using filled regions in callouts. Revit is very powerfull for 2D parametric modelings, AutoCAD is not useful anymore.  

How can i generate reports ?

Reports are made directly in Revit using sheets and result pictures created by Numfem Therm.

What about languages, system units and customizations ?

Yes, Numfem Therm is fully customizable as regards to :

  • Language, we already support english and french. We can easily add others languages on demand.
  • Unit system : SI and Imperial
  • The graphical user interface uses modern windows standards, that’s mean it’s fully customizable (themes, dockable panels, layouts…)

How can I link Numfem Therm to other building thermal calculation software?

That’s a pretty good question ! We’re thinking and investigating on that… If you have some ideas, let us known ! 

Can i import AutoCAD files (dxf/dwg) ?

Revit can import these files in a 2D view, but the best choice is to create 2D generic family objects.

What is the roadmap ?

As far as the 2D is concerned, we plan to provide more calculations : hygrothermal simulations, solar radiation, complex ventilated models, parallelization , batching… 

Is there or will be a 3D version ?

Expect some news in the following months … stay tuned !

I would like to submit a suggestion, what do I do next?

We’re open to any relevant improvements, contact us in the contact form !

Do you have any open positions ?

We’re always looking for talented profiles. Feel free to contact us !

How can I stay up to date with latests news?

Two ways :

  • follow us on linkedin : the Numfem Therm product page and Numfem linkedin company page.
  • follow us on youtube : the Numfem channel.

Still have other questions ?

Our Team

We are neither architects nor building engineers but we trust in BIM.
Numfem is a brand new software company created in 2020 by a mathematician and a computer scientist. Its main fields of interest are BIM, CAD, 3D/4D/5D, mathematical modelling, physical simulation…

Hamid Badi

Buisness Manager

Hamid received his PhD in applied mathematics from the University of Lyon and worked in energy building saving.

His main fields of interest are BIM and multiphysics numerical simulation.

Olivier Bastide

Technical Manager

Olivier received his master’s in computer science form the University of Clermont-Ferrand

He’s an expert in CAD Software Development, and a specialist of BIM technologies.